Christmas Presents for Your Cat

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We know you won’t forget your furry feline friend this Christmas, and this list of 6 fabulous gifts will make your Christmas shopping even easier.

Christmas is about family, so we know you can’t forget your furry family members. While having Christmas decorations around the home can be present enough for many cats, please divert them from any tinsel hazards and consider these unique gifts instead.

Kong Wobbler

If you cat is starting to look a little more ‘fluffy’ and rotund than he should be, the Kong Cat Wobbler is a great way of incorporating activity and eating. Perhaps your vet will even stop nagging you to slim down your cat. You can place any dry food or treat inside and your curious feline can play with the ‘tail’ at the top and rock the Kong Wobbler around to get the food out.

This wonderful toy slows down meal-times, while safely allowing your cat to exhibit some normal predatory and play behaviours.

Kong Cat Wobbler

Roach Rod

If you want to train your cat up to tackle those big feisty cockroaches, this could be the perfect gift for you…I mean for your cat.

This clever design from New York is a variation on the fishing-cat theme, and allows your cat to jump, pounce and play, while you take a seat and enjoy the show. And while most cats in Australia aren’t fussed about catnip, it does come infused with this cat herb for extra enjoyment. More details about the Roach Rod are available from Go Pet Design.

Roach Rods

Kitty Cot

The fabulous designed Kitty Cot is suitable for cats up to 13kg in weight. If your cat weighs more than this, please refer to gifts number 1 and 2 first!

The innovative design allows your feline friend to sleep right near the window, and is a very efficient use of space. It is easy to install on any window and is made of PVC pipe and mesh, so won’t hide any nasty pests such as fleas or dust mites.

A great idea for an indoor cat, perhaps teamed with a bird-feeder outside the window for some lazy days watching the birds play.

Kitty Cot

Five Meal Austomatic Pet Feeder

If your cat would prefer you to dedicate all your waking hours to topping up his food bowl, this could be just the gift he needs. The Five Meal Automatic Pet Feeder allows you to feed 5 meals via a timer system and is an excellent way to distribute your cats food, particularly for those cats that are dieting and tend to eat all their food at once.

Cats prefer to eat on average 7 small meals a day, so this timed feeder gets close to that. You may even score a sleep-in if your furry friend doesn’t need to wake you up for breakfast.

5 Meal Timed Pet Feeder

Cat Scratch

If your feline has musical tendencies and some nocturnal habits, perhaps his inner DJ needs to be expressed. This unique DJ Scratching Pad could also save your carpet, particularly if your pet is a horizontal scratcher.

DJ Cat Scratcher

Bow Tie

And finally, for those special evenings where your feline needs to look their best, consider a removable bow-tie from Sweet Pickle Designs, it can be attached to a normal collar, but they also have a great selection of unique pet collars for cats.

How could your cat not enjoy Christmas with one of these fantastic gifts waiting under the tree…now just back away from the tree kitty, it’s not for climbing or eating. And that beautiful, sparkly ornament from grandma is not for playing with.

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