Pupkin' Spice Latte Cologne


8 oz. bottle of pumpkin spice scented Nature's Specialties Pupkin Spice Latte Cologne.

Pupkin' Spice Latte Cologne

  • $18.50

Experience the delight of autumn as Pupkin’ Spice Lattes make their return to Nature’s! Celebrate the magic of the autumn season with our signature seasonal fragrance. This Limited-Edition cologne encapsulates the cozy charm of autumn, while capturing the essence of beloved pumpkin spice lattes that have become a synonymous and heartwarming part of this time of year! With warm pumpkin notes reminiscent of freshly baked pumpkin, and an aromatic spice blend with subtle vanilla undertones, our seasonal signature fragrance adds a touch of sweetness and comfort to your pet’s grooming routine; transporting you and your beloved pets to the heart of cherished fall moments.

Contains: Alcohol, Purified Water, Fragrance

*Please note: Due to an increase in demand, caps may differ from those pictured.

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