Re-Moisturizer with Aloe for Horses


Re-Moisturizer with Aloe for Horses

  • $69.00

  • Helps restore moisture and cuts your drying and brushing time in half.
  • Can be used before baths to help with brushing and detangling the Mane and Tail.
  • Adds a non-oily sheen with no buildup or residue.

This easy to use multipurpose leave in conditioning spray helps with brushing and detangling for the Mane and Tail before or after a bath. It helps restore moisture and will cut your brushing time in half. It will also dematt while preventing future tangling.

Contains: A Proprietary Blend of Conditioners, High Quality Grade Cosmetic Silicone. pH Balanced with a Delicious Smelling Fragrance.

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